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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


This privacy policy informs users of the SANAD smartphone app about its data collection mechanisms, how the data is processed, and the permissions that are requested. It also outlines users' rights. It is important that users carefully read this policy before using the SANAD app.

Collected Information

Collected Information: The SANAD app collects both user-provided and automatically collected information as outlined below:

User Information

1. At the time of registration, the SANAD app requires the user to provide basic information such as National ID/Personal Number, email, and personal phone number. This information is stored in the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship's e-government systems.

2. When logging in, the app requires the user to enter their National ID/Personal Number and password.

Information Collected Automatically

1. The SANAD app automatically collects the following information: Mobile device's unique device identification and mobile operating system.

2. The SANAD app does not use “visit recorders” known as (cookies), which track how the app is used by visitors. If a visitor activates these recorders, they can decline the activation through a notification that asks for permission. This process may slow down the app and affect its performance.

3. The SANAD app may access users' videos, images, files in media/shared directories, and audio information in the context of digital signature or validation of digital documents. SANAD does not share this information with any third party and does not save any document permanently in the cloud. 

Permissions Requested from the User and Their Purposes: When installing the SANAD app, access to the following permissions is requested to enable the app to perform optimally:

When installing the SANAD app, access to a set of permissions are requested that enable the application to perform its work and provide the service in the best possible way; and they are:

1. Access to geographical location coordinates: This information is used to identify the closest locations to the user.

2. Access to camera: To scan QR codes.

Data Processing Mechanism

1. Information collected by the SANAD app may be disclosed to entities in the public or private sector, or by law, to provide optimal services or to protect the rights and safety of users or others, or to investigate fraud or respond to government requests while ensuring privacy for all users.

2. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship may need to cooperate with data processing companies to improve the level of service. The Ministry will use appropriate methods to protect and maintain the confidentiality of information as required by law.

User Rights

Users have the right to stop using the SANAD app by uninstalling it via their mobile device or app store.

Data and Information Security

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship's e-government program continuously updates the SANAD app to enhance its security measures and protect users' information from potential security breaches. Users should update the app when notified and follow the protection and preventive measures provided from time to time. The SANAD app does not save locations, audios, images, or pictures captured by the camera on cloud servers. It also does not save any audio recordings on cloud storage. Documents and files signed by Tawqi3i service and uploaded will be saved for two weeks only on the Ministry's servers for users to download, after which they will be automatically deleted.

Regarding COVID-19 data, the SANAD app only reads the data from its source and does not collect or save it.


By using the SANAD app, you consent to the collection and use of your information as described in this policy and any future modifications.

Other Sites

The SANAD app may contain links to other sites, both governmental and non-governmental. It is the user's responsibility to read the privacy policy of these sites as we are not responsible for the content they provide.

Modifications to this Policy

There may be a need to modify or add new terms to this Privacy Policy from time to time for any reason. The user will be notified of any changes accordingly.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the SANAD app or our practices, please contact us through the National Contact Center at 06-500 80 80.